Ginny Plancke

Ginny Plancke

A life-long horsewoman, began riding at age 6 in her native home of Long Island, New York. She readily moved up through the pony ranks to the juniors, and right into professional status. In her early professional years, she worked for George Morris, world renowned horseman and current Chef d’Equipe of the U.S. Olympic Team. During this time she acquired the skills and knowledge to care for, manage, and train show horses in all disciplines, and well as developing young horses for winning careers.

Ginny also spent time in Europe with George Lindemann at his European operation and at many of the major European shows. This experience gave her the skills to combine the European warmbloods with the American system of riding and showing.

Using this system of riding and training, Ginny mastered teaching and coaching skills that allowed her to bring riders from lead line to the major East Coast medal finals.

Ginny continued also worked for Bill Cooney and Frank Madden, and helped coach some of the top equitation riders in the country. During her time there, Beacon Hill riders won 25 major equitation titles.

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  1. Kelley McAuliffe says:


    My name is Kelley McAuliffe and Kevin McGinn told me that I ought to find you. My goal is to learn how to ride and eventually show (in jumping). I was went out to Kevin’s stables and planned on taking a lesson from him; however, he did not have a horse and when he eventually did, I discovered my budget would not allow for lessons, so he sent me over to you. He thought you might have a work program in exchange for lessons.
    I arrived at the stables today, late morning and met your assistant Kelly. She was delightful and helpful informing me that you were, in fact, looking for someone to help clean the equipment and do work around the stables. I know next to nothing about horses. I rode a bit when I was younger and was able to take 2 classes at Bennett Farms until Kevin informed me that jumping and saddleseat are two different riding styles, that if I wanted to jump I needed to stick with jumping.
    My current job is working as an art department PA for the TV show Private Practice. My schedule is 5 days a week with 60 hour work weeks. The reason I am searching for work in exchange for lessons is (at this time, but at some point it will change) my paycheck does not match the hours I work. I do have weekends free, so will you please let me know what is available for me to apply for and what your work lesson ratio would be. In addition, I would like to let you know that I do not own a horse.

    Thank you for taking the time and please let Kelly know that is was nice to have met her. Kevin just raves about you. By the way, I have a 646 area code because I lived in New York City form 01-05, I could not bare to change my number, I just loved that city.


    I will figure out how to attach my resume on the next e-mail

  2. Trina Paolucci says:

    Ginny: I have an 8 year old Registered Holsteiner Jumper mare for sale in the TES barns – Stall D54. She is a light bay with white blaze. She stands about 15’2 hands. She has shown at the center, the Oaks and San Diego. She has schooled 4 feet but mostly has been shown by younger riders at lower heights – 3 – 3’6. She has a great Mind and is a willing partner; REFUSE is not in her vocabulary. She also loves the trails. You are welcomed to go take a look at her. She is insured for $30,000. I am asking $15,000. if you need more information or have any other questions, please contact me. Thanks. Trina

  3. Ciana Grimmett says:

    Hi, I came across you when I was looking at jumping barns, and so I was wondering if you know of anybody that in interested in a hunter/jumper gelding? Hes a 6 year old half arabian, half dutch harness. About 16-16.3 hands, has a very big stride. Very sweet, loves people and great with other horses. Easy to ride, loves to jump. Has won multiple regional top fives, and many 1st places at A shows in sporthorse undersaddle, and sporthorse inhand. Would make a good amateur mount. Were asking $9,500 or best offer. Thanks