Rooted in the tradition of excellence

Located at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in the heart of Burbank, Ever Wood Stables is a convenient, centralized stable with easy access to multiple show grounds, as well as trails and the covered “Equidome” for the rainy season. We pride ourselves on being a full-care, quality A-rated show barn who accept and encourage all ages and levels of riders.  We participate in over 30 horse shows a year, ranging from the local Gold Coast shows held right here on the grounds to Thermal, the Oaks, and last year even the USEF Pony Finals.

As a full training show barn, we offer the highest level of quality care. Client horses are treated as our own with a watchful eye, excellent care, personalized exercise and training programs, and, of course, deep love and affection.

Our primary concern at Ever Wood Stables is the horses, keeping them happy and healthy not only through good physical management and upkeep, but also by learning their personality. This helps us to build the relationship between the horse and rider to make a confident, successful team, as well as a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Our lessons are aimed at teaching building blocks so skills are mastered and link together to gain overall improvement.

The other quality we prize here at Ever Wood Stables is horsemanship. It is our belief that as riders our clients should know what the horses need, warning signs of illness or lameness, blending skills and knowledge with an attitude of discipline, responsibility, and feeling for the horses.